There are so many selections available that we have no way to display them all here.

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Or visit one of our suppliers web site PT. INDO GOLDEN STANDARD A fabric manufacturer located in east java - Indonesia . They do custom woven and custom finish to creating specialized fabric constructions and designs.

If you could e-mail us a photo we will do our best to match it as close as possible.

Many of the major suppliers of cloth have moved their factories to places like Indonesia and China to take advantage of the lower cost work force. We have access to these and can provide you with the same quality material you find any where else in the world at a fraction of the cost.

Express your taste in the colors, patterns and textures you choose for your upholstery fabrics. The choice is virtually unlimited. But lifestyle and budget should come into play.

Basically, there are two types of fabrics, naturals and synthetics. Nature's own are cotton, linen, silk and wool. Among synthetics are acetate, acrylic, nylon, rayon and polypropylene. Often fabrics are a blend of natural and synthetics fibers combined to provide the best qualities of each, unmatched beauty and lasting durability.

Generally, fabrics with tighter weaves and durable fibers such as polypropylene or nylon, stand up better to the hard use of an active household. More glamorous fabrics such as satins, damasks and brocades are dramatic and exciting bur should be reserved for seating where serviceability isn't a primary concern.

Nature has given us leather, one of today's most popular upholstery materials. It now comes in a rainbow of colors and a range of styles from timeless traditional to avant garde contemporary. New methods of tanning and manufacturing also have brought leather into an affordable range for many pocketbooks.