Q: Is your wood from renewable resources?

A: YES All of our wood comes from Indonesian government plantations. We buy direct from the government representative so there is no confusion what we are getting. Teak is not native to Indonesia. It was initially planted here by the Dutch nearly 500 years ago as a plantation product, which is still managed by the Indonesian government today.

Q: Is your furniture made from solid teak?

A: Our customers have the option of Teak or Mahogany. Our online single item purchases are priced out as Teak wood only. Both options are made from solid kiln dried wood to prevent splitting - we dot use any particle wood are veneers in the construction of our furniture.

Q: How long will it take for the furniture to reach my local port?

A: Typically to the USA or Europe - 25/30 days.

Q: Is it easy to import a whole container?

A: Yes, it's quite a simple process. We only deal with reputable shipping companies and we will be pleased to let you have container shipping prices to your nearest port.
After the container has left our port in Indonesia, we send you all the necessary shipping documents which you then give to your local freight forwarder. He will make arrangements with you for delivery to your home or business.

Q: Are there any local taxes for me to pay when I import furniture from Indonesia?

A: All countries have different rules and regulations. Fortunately Indonesia is still usually classified as a developing country so there should be little or nothing to pay but the best advice will come from your local customs broker or agent.

Q: How long is production time for my furniture?

A: For single item orders from our web site we need 21 days. For containers, about 5 weeks - if we have stock the items you order then production time may be reduced. For regular customers with larger orders we can work out a production schedule.

Q: What are the payment terms?

A: We accept Bank Transfers, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Our payments are handled by our online secure US based credit card processing company. We require a deposit before construction begins on all furniture orders. Most of our online customers pay in advance for smaller orders which normally ships within less than 30 days from the time of purchase.

Q: Can you make custom furniture to order?

A: Yes, we can. All we need is a sketch and some dimensions and we will be pleased to let you have our quotation. If you have seen the furniture you like somewhere else on the internet we will also be glad to keep our competitors on their toes by allowing you to let us reproduce their merchandise for less the cost. Just send us their item numbers and the web address where it is located and we will send you our own quote for less if it is possible ...GUARANTEED.

Q: What happens if the furniture arrives damaged?

A: All of our shipments are wrapped in foam, bubble wrap and then corrugated carton wrap.

Our LCL shipments are securely packed and cased in timber and plywood framing before dispatch and should reach you in perfect condition. Be aware though that accidents in handling can happen, but we have not seen any in 8 years.